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I like this idea. I have been connecting to my younger self of late. Now that my children are all so self sufficient and I don't have to be the mom all the time. And MAAT is done. I have been trying to figure out just who I was before all this motherhood and deck making began. The trip to Egypt stimulated this in me as well, as we were always moving as a group and getting into buses, taking notes and waiting our turns. It felt a bit like being back in grade school. Perhaps this year will be about getting to the core of my self.

And Zoe I think you need to keep the 6 of Coins for yourself! Come sit on the couch too. I'll move over the gingerbread is grand!

Originally Posted by Melvis

P.S. Julie, I flashed on the idea of your 'inner child' when you were talking about your card. Perhaps your creativity is how you let your inner child out into the world. Our inner children may be noisy and unkempt in our heads, but when we are creative (when you paint, for example), you translate that childlike freedom and curiosity into a thing of beauty. Perhaps the present signifies how we have to keep unwrapping layers of ourselves to keep making progress in our endeavors -- and to keep in touch with that inner child.
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