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The Fool (Silver edition) first impressions! (not using book)

There is something very dark and foreboding in this first card of the deck. Compared with the rest of the cards, this one is stark and very simple. A silhouette of a human figure balances on one foot and in almost a creeping fashion (see hands) poises themself on the precipice (gargoyle) of a cathedral. Through cloudy skies the full moon shimmers brightly through. I feel like this card shows the beginning of a dark and perhaps dangerous adventure and if one does not watch their step, they will fall into unimaginable depths.... The smaller gargoyle looks like a dog with a tongue hanging out. In other decks I would say he is excited about the adventure. In this deck I would say he is anxious or perhaps even taunting with his tongue sticking out, as if in a dare!

Nice intro to the deck. Just gives you that warm, fuzzy feeling, doesn't it? lol
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