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Bohemian Gothic - which cards are the scariest?

OK, we all know that the whole deck is unsettling. That's the whole point of it. But which cards are the scariest to you? Are you surprised at which ones affect you the most or were they the ones you knew would freak you out?

The ones that are scariest to me are:

Knight of Swords - He just flat out scares the bejezus out of me.

The Sun - Whoa! We pretty much knew this little guy (is he human or not?) is freaky.

Page of Wands - This is the one that surprised me. I had seen the scans and while it was strange it didn't scare me until I had it in hand. (shudder)

The Hermit is one I thought would scare me but once in hand it didn't have the same effect on me for some reason.

So how about it? Which ones freak you out the most?
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