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Hi faunabay! I've gone through and admired all the cards several times over (this deck has taken me by storm with its beauty), but I have found that the times when the cards actually "scare" me or creep me out is when I see them within a spread and what they're actually saying to me.

The one that springs to mind first is The Sun! The first deck I did was my Deck Interview Spread, and the bottom card was The Sun. I read the bottom card as the underlying energies of the question, or the motivations behind the question. In this case, I saw the Sun as my need to find the best in this deck, but when I looked at this card, this boy was mocking me. I could hear his knowing little chuckle, saying to me, "Hah. You think this deck won't be as bad as all that... Oh, I'm going to enjoy this!"
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