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I'm scared of the woman on the Nine of Pentacles. I don't trust her, I think she's mad. I think anyone disagreeing with her will be very sorry!

The Magician scares me. I'm being a hypocrite I think, with this one because The Magician is my favourite card in most decks, and this one is no exception but I mean, he's a master vampire...he can control me...

After studying The Fool, I'm wondering just how innocent the kid actually is...potentially very unnerving...

The Two of Pentacles - What happened to her other leg? How does she ride the bike with just one? Is it tucked under her skirt? She's hiding it well, if it is!

Page of Swords - That stone angel behind her looks fed-up and I'm sure it's filling the Pages head with bad ideas...

Ten of Pentacles - I wish the couple would run away from that guy in the house!

The Empress - Too creepy!

The Devil's pure evil.

All cards with children on! The Dark Side is not a place for them, yet here they are, seemingly enjoying it...

And finally (for now!) The Ten of Cups - The children have their eyes closed, maybe communicating together - the parents look very concerned...
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