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This card shows the 'dark side' of the 6 of Wands very well, in my opinion. When I draw the typical 6 of Wands, I always wonder, "But what are they celebrating?" There's never a real sense of accomplishment. It's more like a joust victory or something---a made up game, with made-up winners, who yes, did something interesting or remarkable but not earth-shattering---and yet that seems so at odds with the spiritual nature of wands and the vibrant nature of 6s. There must be something more.

In this one, I think it gives real victory to the child. The child sees the truth where others dare not speak it.

The parade is no victory---it's empty, it's useless, "the emperor has no clothes" as they say. It's hollow pomp and circumstance.

The dirty victory of the cloth-makers is vicious and clever. So, there is also that concept of 'getting away with something' inherent in this 6 of Wands.

So, there are 3 versions of victory present, all well-represented by this story, I think.

I love that The Emperor looks rather unhappy in his walking, and that the child seems to be jeering at him--rather than cheering--in the picture.
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