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I've just realized something about myself and study groups. While I like the thought of it and want to do it...... once I sit down with one particular card to study there are so many things that jump out at me all at once that I can't get a clear picture in my mind as to what it says to me.

It seems that when I am doing a reading with a question and other cards to apply the one card to I'm fine. It sort of narrows the focus for me. But when I sit down and try to do the study group my mind just goes blank.....well actually not blank there's just so much there that it overwhelms my mind, then it goes blank.

This is just a personal observation I've recently realized about myself. I need that focus to read the cards well. I think if someone (even doing it for myself) were to say for example, what does the card show in regards to.....whatever - pick a thought? I could come up with something. But to just go at it wide open I go blank. hmmm.....
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