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MAAT Study Group-10 of Wands- Exercise

Since our New Year exercise seemed to be fruitful and fun I thought we might try another simple one card pull for the new moon in Capricorn. And let the question reflect what this new moon card means for us. Going back to some of GreyCats words from her post for the 10 of Wands to help us get into the mood of the card;

Originally Posted by greycats
The work she does, gathering wood to fuel the family hearth, is considered holy by many cultures and is a responsibility traditionally assigned to the women of a household. She may have learned this task as a child, undertook it fully as a bride or whenever she acquired her own hearth, and she will carry it out as long as she lives. Her red robes stand out bravely against the snow, and beyond the wood the sun presents another conflagration. She travels toward the darkness and beyond it, to the light. It is a hopeful journey, now near its end. “After this, glory!” is what someone wrote of this arcana, meaning that after the great work (whatever it is) is done, one will emerge transformed. Furthermore, the greater the suffering that one undergoes, the greater will be the reward. It’s a variation on the one traditionally assigned to the 10 of Wands in RWS, but this one is happier, perhaps more just.
Shuffle and draw one card to reflect the Great Work you will undertake this year/month/week-(you decide the duration of the work for yourself)
I will go first and will pose the question for the year as I do most of my event planning and scheduling in January no better time to start than the new moon...

What will be the focus of my great work this year? what burden will I be able to set aside or what wisdom will I be able to unburden from myself? What will dawn for me this year?

My card is...

5 of Cups

Oh okay I do have trouble with this card dwelling on what is wrong rather than seeing what is right and seeing the benefits of all aspects of life even the less than perfect moments. Stop crying about what is wrong and start seeing what is going well. This is the time in my life when I am going to have to start dealing with real physical and emotional losses and I am going to have to appreciate those who are still with me. It is pretty easy for me to get caught up in someone's bad mood and let it poison my own mood as well.
Well this is something I really do have to work on because if I can manage this I would be a much more contented human being. I am there and aware.

Okay anyone else want to take a shot here?
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