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The red hats of all shapes in the 1459 Procession of the Magi- are worn by dignitaries members in this particular painting fresco. Cosimo on the Brown horse -Piero his father on the white horse- Sforza is third- the wolf of Rimini is in armour next Sforza. Lorenzo has a hat to look like the Magi or King. Other red hats are Este and Gonzaga. So red hats signal those involved with the Peace of Lodi 1454, five years earlier. The cake tin red hats are Mantua Hats- not shown in the fresco.
In the Pope card the cardinals are wearing their outdoor or traveling hats called galeros and red cloak called Vestis Talaris. The fact they are wearing red- means they are traveling under Papal instruction- otherwise at this time in the 15th Century they would have worn black or purple capes and a biretta (not the gun ) Skull cap.
So to Lorezo on his Chariot- he is dressed like Medici Soldier (like the famous Malatesta)
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