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"Dix-huitième, la Création de la Lune & des Animaux terrestres, exprimés par un Loup & un Chien, pour signifier les Animaux domestiques & sauvages: cet emblème est d'autant mieux choisi, que le Chien & le Loup sont les seuls qui hurlent à l'aspect de cet astre, comme regrettant la perte du jour."

Eighteenth, the creation of the Moon & Land Animals, expressed by a Wolf & a Dog, to mean domestic & wild animals: this emblem is an even better choice, in that only the Dog & the Wolf howl at the aspect of this star as if regretting the loss of the day.
We may also note here the expression Entre chien et loup, between dog and wolf, meaning a la tombée du jour that is the fall of the day or twilight, the time between day and night when it is to dark to distinguish a dog from a wolf, a friend from foe:

"The dog symbolizing the day because like him, he can guide us, while the wolf is a symbol of the night, posing a threat, but also of nightmares and fear. It appeared in French in the thirteenth century, but the term existed in ancient times. We can read in a text of the second century, "when man can not distinguish the wolf from the dog."
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