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I too think this is the creepiest card in the deck. In fact it's the one card in the deck that I don't really like.

The Sun to me is a card of enlightenment, childishness, joy, bringing things out into the open and also of freedom.
We usually see 2 children playing near a wall or a child on a horse riding away from a wall - both of these images say freedom to me as the wall is behind the children or child.

Here we have a golden woman on a golden throne. She seems to be wearing some sort of facial mask like a Mardi Gras mask and she holds in her hands sticks which are used to control string puppets of 3 children riding a unicorn.
Above her are large hands which seem to hold strings which are controlling her...
No freedom there then.

There are paint brushes in the bottom right corner of the card; one green, one yellow and one red -I like those, they say creativity to me.
I can also see a four leaf clover and a horse shoe with the points upwards in the left hand border - good luck and good fortune.
There is a key hanging on a peg too - ? freedom - maybe....
A hand holds a full wine glass and looks as if it's raising it in a toast - a blessing? Once again good fortune...

This all looks good so why can't I get past the puppets and strings?

I think the puppets the lady is holding are meant as simple toys so that would tie in with the theme of this card and maybe the strings controlling her are there to tell us that there is a power greater than we are????
I dunno...
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