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Thanks Robert, you are quite right the image is earlier, but the point I was making, is like, if you have an image of a court Jester, and you use it to make a political point- like the ancient world map of the known world (Middle East now) and you allude to Mr Bush as King on it. You satirise the image. Why is it that people think the humour of playing cards is only dead serious and deeply philosophical? The clothes on the Fool of the Visconti were not originally peasant dress- they appear to be fine clothes worn to rags. The feathers appear to be black and white- which seems to indicate the political divisions of the time, and the constant friction between the Guelphs (for the Pope) and the Ghibellines (for the Holy Roman Emperor) Although Milan was apparently Guelph- Visconti was for The Holy Roman Emperor. The feathers on the Visconti Fool is not a crown- they are just stuck in his hair. No bells at the waist either- which at least in other early decks like the Charles V1 at least indicate Fool, as does a typical image on manuscripts at that time. This Fool is a departure somewhat from the norm from what we have existing it seems.
Just a thought .
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