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Pearls of Wisdom - 3 of Wands

I LOVE this card

The first thing I noticed when I pulled this card as a daily card a few days ago was the moon in the sky.
The moon is crescent and is shaped like a smiling mouth. It sits there with 3 stars in a beautiful purple and blue sky (I love the skies in this deck) and to me it says 'blessing'...It's smiling down on the scene below and it's bestowing it's blessing on the project just begun.

This is yet another card that looks like a magical ritual.
Below the purple and blue sky with it's smiling moon and three stars we see what looks like a harbour or wharf. A sailing ship has just launched and is sailing away towards the horizon.
In the foreground sitting cross-legged on what appears to be a wooden jetty is a golden woman. Her eyes are closed and she appears to be deep in trance or meditation. She holds a flower (I think it's a red rose) over her navel chakra. She has her back to the water and the ship.
Behind her on the edge of the jetty are three burning wands and in front of her is a magic circle.
In the circle three wands with crystal tips lean towards each other so that their crystal tips meet and they form a sort of pyramid. The wands are intertwined with ribbons of red, yellow and green as well as with strings of pearls.
Where the tips of the wands meet there is a flame.
Bowls of fruit appear in the corners of the card and there is also a bowl of fruit (maybe an offering) just outside the circle of wands.
The three crystal tipped wands entwined with their yellow, red and green ribbons appear in the borders of the card at the front too.

This card to me is about focusing energy towards your goal.
The ribbons represent the elements, red for fire, yellow for air and green for earth. The water element is represented by the sea.
The woman is in trance and is focusing her energies into the magic before her. She has her back to the ship and the sea as there is no need to look at it; she knows that her enterprise (on the ship) will be successful because of her magic so there is no need for her to look out over the water to wait for the ship to return.
The moon has bestowed it's blessing in the form of a smile.
The woman has directed her energies and the energies of the moon and the elements into her magical work, she has done all she needs to do.
The action has been taken.

There are 4 runes on this card.
From the 'Pearls of Wisdom' book:
Fehu - possessions, nourishment,
Uruz - Personal power and strength, moving from darkness to light,
Mannaz - a positive relationship to the self that influences other relationships,
Jera - the harvest, reaping what has been sown.
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