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Metaphors chosen and rejected

The FEY TAROT Five of Pentacles shows several Fey sitting around a table within a warm and comforting atmosphere. There is something threatening and dark outside the window, but that is not inside the room.

The best metaphor or phrase, for me, is Home is where the heart is. "Home" is a metaphor for safety, protection, comfort, support, familiar ground, resources. Linking home to "heart" brings in all the warm emotions connected to those words and their meanings. Secure, safe, comfort, a place for renewal, the place we leave to face life's challenges and then return to.

In my case, home is where we raised our first family and where we are raising our second family now. It is a place of support and familiarity, as well as place of some stress and challenge. In this regard, I note that the Fey Five/Pentacles has that dark monster outside the window. Sometimes, its impact does intrude into one's comfort zone.

"Safety in numbers" doesn't seem appropriate once you go beyond superficial considerations. In much of life, we have to act alone. We don't live within a "herd" and we do take chances in life as we work at what is important to us.

As an example, both my wife and I have had several medical procedures occur in the past months -- nothing critical, just those things that have to be done from time to time. While we support each other, drive the other to the hospital, take care of home activities -- we each go through our experiences ourselves in these types of situations.

Both being strong personalities, we often act on our own within mutually set guidelines, so "safety in numbers" is not for ourselves but is applied to working with the children we are raising at this late stage in our lives.

I'm not sure how to respond to question 3) on page 75.

The card I'm now working with is the Fey Hermit. This "Fool-like" character is stepping down a twisted stairway within a tower, other stairs twist up and across in a maze-like pattern, doorways everywhere. The problem is not that the paths are puzzling to choose, but that any stair can be taken to get to any doorway one chooses. So, the journey is only outwardly confusing, the real inward problem is to choose the end-of-this-segment-of-the-journey by choosing a door. Make a decision. This seems to be the operative phrase.

Many see cards such as the Waite-Smith Hermit as being a beacon for others to find in their search for knowledge. I've always been open to the idea that that Hermit may be searching for his own knowledge, the last portions of knowing that he needs to complete his life's set of answers. In the Fey Tarot, the Hermit is definitely on his own search, making his own choices, looking for his own answers within a bewildering world.

My metaphors for the Fey Hermit include:
** Keep on trucking.
** Seek and you shall find.
** Any decision is better than no decision at all.
** Don't expect any path or any situation to continue forever.
** Change is the norm.
And the metaphor I use here on Aecletic Tarot; "If you have options, choose them all."

I have learned, and adopted the view, that I am a seeker and that I should not ever try to hide that. I don't pretend to know it all, but I do try to find out all I can about something. In this sense, there is a bit of the "child" within me. That's good. At the same time, I try to encourage others to also explore the child within them, to be curious, to just "try" even though you don't how to get directly to the solution. Taking the steps is what is important. Results alway come from an effort. I think all of this is why I can identify with the Fey Hermit as he goes up-down-across his many stairs and passes by the many doors that might be opened for him once he makes a choice.
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