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21 steps step 15

21 Steps step 15.
DruidCraft: The Hermit.
I dialoged with the Hermit.

What are you doing?
“I looking at the path I will be taking, seeing if there are dangers ahead, or what it might bring.”

What do you want?
“I need to be there to help others. Friendship and love is all I need.”

What can you teach me?
“I can show you the way as well. I have lots of wisdom”

Do you have any advice?
“Keep to the true path, look closely where you tread. Your values must be pure and honest. Let them guide you.”

What’s the stave for?
“This stave helps me on my journey,. It will help me ward off dangers as well, maybe wild beasts”.

What does it represent?
“It bears some of the heavy burdens I carry, for I carry many thoughts and many values that need to be looked after”

How the lamp fueled?
“The lamp is my love and soul; it needs only some thought to keep it going. The deeper my love for myself and thoughts for others lets it burn brightly. Though I need nourishment as well, so I too like being thought after, not being totally alone.”

What does it represent?
“It represents enlightenment. It shows that through study and goodness, light will prevail in all darkness”.

Why do you need a wolf?
“The wolf sees things I do not see, at least not immediately. It senses things you see. Its instinct is better than mine. It helps me keep focused on my intuition. “

Where are you going?
“I’m going to the next village to see if anyone needs help. I will go one to the one after if need be. I have no permanent home. I am always wondering.”

Where have you come from?
“I have come from my last learning, my last giving.”

Have you seen anything on your journey?
“I see many things in my soul while journeying alone.”

When will you get there?
“Perhaps the day I die. This journey is a journey for life. There is always something new to feel and think over.”

I've got a problem; I keep puting things off, got any ideas on what i might do?
"Ask yourself what it is your fear by doing it. Shed a little light on it. How do you feel when you do not do a thing and how do you feel when the jobs done. Which feeling is better? Give your self a pat on the back when you do good. You may not reolve this at once - its your journey. See how long it takes, perhaps its not a tough as it seems"

Made me think that not even the Hermit can live completely alone. You cannot cut yourself off from the world; every soul needs replenishment and love from someone. No light shines truly alone. However we each bear our own guiding light and we have a responsibility to keep it fueled, to do that we must give and receive gladly.

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