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It's funny that when I first looked at this card, I too also thought of the Roman Catholic Church and the priest officiating at a same-sex marriage.....but after meditating on it and really getting into the study of the cards my opinions and views have changed!

The card is devoid of my particular religious sectarian symbolism and the title "The Priest" is very non-descript too......there are priests in a variety of religions so who is to say that this is Catholic?!? (The Officiant, which I think would have been a better name for this card could be Episcopalian, Presbyterian, MCC, Lutheran, even Pagan!)

All in all, this card represents 'traditional' values and accepted cultural norms...but this is all very subjective. IMHO, this card is about seeking counsel and blessing from a guru, spiritual advisor or religious leader to further develop a committed is an outward expression of the love two people share in a more conventional manner. (What I really would have liked to see is the two people depicted as The Lovers depicted again in this Lee seemed to link cards to each other throughout the deck....) I also see this card as a indicator to stick to your beliefs/values/morals despite what everyone else is doing.

Just my dos-centavos!
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