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Bohemian Gothic - Queen of Pentacles


I've had this deck for a few weeks and did the secret fears spread with this and the cards have laid seperate until it's been calling me to think and write out the reading probably - something i rarely do for myself !

On first looking at the card, i find this Queen of Pentacles quite disturbing - perhaps i'm too used to the "earth mother" type of depiction with my other decks. It found it hard to see details in the card until you let your eyes get accustomed to it.

Anyway, the most disturbing bit for me is probably the picture on the wall. The first thought the comes to mind for me is the film of Picture of Dorian Grey. Notably, it's the scene where the friend of Dorian enters the room, find the covered picture and looks underneath it to discover what Dorian would look like if he'd aged, where all his bad traits and spiritual and moral ugliness have shown in the picture.

This raises a few questions to me -
Is this the friend of someone who is like Dorian Grey and just discovered their picture?
Is the queen having to face her own self how she would be if she hadn't become what she is ( for some reason, i tend to think of her as a Vampire),

Or is this in fact, a picture of her future self and she's trying to stave this off?

Has the candelabra in the corner been deliberate lit to draw attention to this painting as she passes through the room - it does appear to be the only light source in the room.

As an aside - I also drew the moon for the first card in the reading, and noticed that the chokers appear to be the same. It made me wonder if they were the same lady and she's just returned from her moonlit vigil or encounter.

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