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What a lovely job you did on describing and interpreting this card, Sulis!

I drew it as my daily card yesterday, and I agree, it seems to describe a patient, yet somehow active kind of waiting.

The golden woman, to me, look to be devided into two halves: a paler left side and a more orange right one, which indicates balance to me.
She's holding a flower in her hand (a rose I think) that's also on the left border and between the wands holding up the fire; they're still in bud, so the potential hasn't fully blossomed yet.

Among the fruit in the baskets there are also a lot of peas in a pod - bursting out of their pods actually, so some things are perhaps already bearing fruit?
I love the taste of freshly-shelled peas, they're so sweet and delicate!

It's a great card, and easier for me to interprete than the three of Wands usually is.
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