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Adept Level - Step 5:2

Well I could not let Squeakmo9 have all the fun of trying to fit triangle shaped decks into square holes, so after two more months of pondering this step (I apparently could not totally let it go), here is a very generalized version of Step 5 exercises using the Fantastic Menagerie (FM). I did not go for the total "fit" but just what I could capture from what I do see in the deck, which was in a very broad manner based on the style of the deck. So without further ado, here is what I have so far:

5:2.2. How are "choices" made or not made with FM 2's?

HIGH PRIESTESS: choices are mande intuitively, using the collective unconscious (represented by the spider web in the door way she is standing under) and her knowledge. Those blend to form wisdom which is ultimately where her choices are made.

JUSTICE: choices are made based on physical evidence. Proof is required in order to ensure that the choices are "fair" (scales and legal setting of card).

JUDGEMENT: choices are based on past experience and enlightenment resulting from that experience. A sense of "calling" also comes into play in these choices, as if one is compeled to make the choice because it is the right thing to do.

2 WANDS: choices are made with a calculated deliberation of the risks, and willingness to take them.

2 COINS: choices are based on their ability to sustain the equilibrium and balance (the status quo).

2 SWORDS: choices are made based on perceived fears and threats. A certain level of paranoia, though possibly justified, seems to exist.

2 CUPS: choices are based on the moment, and influenced by passion.

5:2.3. In the FM deck, balance is a good key word for the 2's, but in looking through the deck I do not think it is applicable to all, or even most, of the other even numbers.

I am going to go ahead and post each activity as a separate post due to the length of them. I chose not to post on the Robin Wood exercise as it was covered very well in other posts here and seemed redundant to rehash.
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