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Adept Level - Step 5:4 Sequence

In activity 5:4 we look at the sequence that occurrs between the Ace and 10 of each suit within the deck, using the Fantastic Menagerie, and the work in previous steps this is what I came up with:

Ace: The babe is born and it is the beginning of parenthood as well as the beginning of the this new life full of potential. An adventure for all. The little one is a squaker so there is much energy there.

Two: the babe is a now young man, no longer a bird but some kinds of antelope *LOL*. He now has choices in which direction to take his adventure and he ponders those choices carefully, but knows he will act.

Three: part of making good choices is good research, creatively analyzing things.

Four: One must always take the time to gather and celebrate. Celebration is a natural way of acknowledging (manifesting) successes and future endeavors afterall.

Five: but when you have too much bravado in the same place you will have some dire consequences, and it can be infectious in a not so good way.

Six: Ahhhhhhh but the pleasures of victory when so many bugs admire one. It feels so good!

Seven: the other side of victory is defeat, and that can cause one to turn into dark moods. And if one is focused enough one man can do more than an entire army! Beware of the pissed off boar with the chairs!

Eight: and then you have peer pressure, some just surrender to it and go with the flow as fast as it will go ... without thinking.

Nine: Then here you have someone that must know the pissed off boar pretty well, because this wolf dude looks just as focused, but indeed his has transcended that stage and has mounted the war.

Ten: and at the end of the suit you have a mule working hard pulling a cart -the one that took the rough road of struggles but will persevere, and you have the cow man (and yes I know cows are women but there is a point to this picture), just letting the other one do the work. Life is not fair, but cow-boy will not always be resting easy ... the problem is that mule boy has too much resentment to realize that! They are both equally stubborn and locked into the what they see as the culmination of what has transpired.


Ace: ohhhhhh now this little lamb needs nurturing to grow. Lizards to tend him.

Two: and nature is all about balance .... natural balance, so what is that grasshopper doing with the reid? can't he balance on his own?

Three: As we are nurtered, and find balance we begin to create and dream.

Four: granted all those dreams might not go so well, and can manifest as failure.

Five: but if we fail we have consequences, we can become ruthless, become victims, or rise to the occassion like the birds flying away in the distance.

Six: We can be kind and generous and share what little we have. Bring pleasure to others and ourselves at the same time by being kind.

Seven: Then you have those dogs that just take a lick out of your hard work no matter what you do. Just focus and try to keep the dogs in line as best you can. Sometimes when you give an inch people take a mile.

Eight: Other times though you find that you can surrender into perfection, into your own talents.

Nine: And that will rise you on to new hights of inspiration and joy and success. You will transcend ...

Ten: And it culminates with a perfectly orchestrated ceremony, with everything balanced and in order.


Ace: now here is prickly child ....

Two: and as we grow we become fearful and distrusting, or do we have eachothers backs? are we just paranoid? so much duality.

Three: And then there are the things we do that hurt others even when we do not intend them to, but the hurt deeply. It is a part of the way we are created with that as much as we would like we cannot control.

Four: but there will also be time to bask in the sun, and sometimes one just needs to get away and do that. There is much stress in this world, and when it manifests one needs to sometimes step away.

Five: then we come back from our retreat to more intrigue, and to consequences of things that have happened while we were not even paying attention.

Six: Some things put us on a voyage of discovery, which brings some innate pleasure, at least we are moving and no longer trapped in the intrigue and doubt.

Seven: But beawre of the sly wolf pretending to help the chikens out of the coop, that is a well devised and focused duplicitous plan he has going. Looks innocent enough, but is not. Focus .... never loose sight of what you are really seeing.

Eight: Do not surrender to despair and lock yourself up in your own zoo enclosure! You can crawl over that fence if you want to. You have the power to make the choice to surrender or not.

Nine: and if you fall on your face? Well get up before the hawk eats you! Listen to warnings and scramble. Transcend the fear, do not be paralyzed.

Ten: If you stay paralyzed, you will die and the alligator man will laugh at you before he eats you! There is no pitty here. It is human nature.


Ace: Well this curious little bird wants to go for a swim. He is welcoming the day he saw outside of his shell.

Two: and the cats dancing on the roof tops with no care in this world but the moment. The simplicity of it, regardless of what is happening below.

Three: Ahhhhhh and the celebration of all of our creativity and cleverness!

Four: and ohhhh for those wallowing in self pitty instead of doing something constructive about it.

Five: And the cow watches the cat steal the milk, and the kitty just laps it up ... hell with consequences, some times you have to say what the heck!

Six: and the pleasure of dancing and being close to someone special. Life is just full of such wonderful emotion!

Seven: And the things one can dream of .... all we can do and become ....

Eight: but at times we must also surrender and know when to walk away. It is not about defeat or desertion, it is about taking time out and letting things unfold further.

Nine: Then we can celebrate again with the big ole elephant with all his champagne! Now he is tuff. He has transcended all emotional challenges and taken life by the tusks!

Ten: Like a hard worker bee family. It cannot all be fun, but the culmination of the ride is happiness and fullfillment.
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