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21 ways adept level step 5

21 ways adept level step 5

I decided to combine 5.2 , 5.3. and 5.4 and do the activity with my deck the DruidCraft.
This way I would end up with a complete number/key word and key card symbol for all 78 cards. This makes for a very long list. And Iím still refining it. So the key words may change with time. I have been very restrictive, with just one key word per number, and very specific symbols for me. Some of my sentences are a bit heavy, lol. Got a bit of work there as well. But I feel this is an ongoing process. Just a little note on 5.4. I havenít strictly answered it, but see in adept level, activity 7.2 will cover this in my opinion.

The Ones (potential)
The Magician is about the potential for energy, commitment and communication (the alter with al the elements).
Ace of Wands is about potential for self growth and creativity (the birch)
Ace of Cups is a potential for love and desire (The five streams)
Ace of Swords is a potential for finding truth (Excalibur)
Ace of Pentacles is a potential for new ideas, gain and security (The bear)

The Twos (choice)
The high priestess is about choosing higher truth and reflection (the HP arms outstretched)
Justice is about decisions, choosing the right path (scales)
Rebirth (Judgment) choosing to hear the call of change and renewal (trumpet).
2 of wands is about the ability to make choices (doorway)
2 cups is about choosing to be joined and relationship (the intertwining of cups)
2 swords is about dilemma, choosing dialog and diplomacy (2 paths 2 swords)
2 pentacles is about adaptability and choosing and balancing new possibilities (Juggling)

The Threes (integration)
The World is about integration of the elements that results in unity, self-actualization and accepting responsibility for ones self
The Hanged Man is about the integration of new perspectives accomplished through sacrifice, surrender or new awareness.
The Empress (Lady) is the integration of nurturing and creativity resulting in fertility and fruition.
Three of Wands is about integration of will, opportunity and leadership
Three of Cups is an integration of friendship resulting in joy and celebration
Three of Swords is integration denied giving heartbreak, loneliness and sorrow
Three of Pentacles is the integration of skills, team working and goals giving results

The Fours (centering, retreat)
The Lord is about centering (bringing together) of power and discipline to achieve ambition (The antler crown and thrown)
Death is about blind centering, requiring letting go to achieve growth (The dolmen and wisps of vapour)
Four of Wands is centering on home, harvest and celebration (The harvest celebration)
Four of Cups is about retreat into lethargy, a fallow time (the spilt cups).
Four of Swords is about retreat, centering on thoughts and dilemmas, a time for reflection (the reflective man)
Four of Pentacles is about wealth and personal worth being the centre of attention (The hidden chest)

The Fives (change)
The High Priest (Hierophant) is about learned change. Tradition and conformity must come first (Wiccan sign of blessing).
Fferyllt (Temperance) is about using change, combining resources to enrich life, through confidence and ambition (the woman combining fluids)
Five of Wands is about change through confronting obstacles in creative conflict (boys playful struggle)
Five of Cups is about feeling loss and learning through the changes of experience and mistakes (the hood figure and his last 2 cups)
Five of Swords is about strife and empty victory, change through using values (the humiliation)
Five of Pentacles is about trails and hardship, time is change (the unhappy woman, almost ready to move on)

The Sixes (combining)
Cernunnos (the devil) is about the mastery of combining the material with freedom for nature and sexuality to be responsible and avoid overindulgence (the sleeping lovers).
The Lovers is about choosing freely to combine elements of head and heart, feeling and intellect (the white hind).
Six of Wands is about combining abilities as leader to achieve goals (the leader comes home),
Six of Cups is about memories and combining renewal and comradeship to give friendship and seeking solace (the children being watched)
Six of Swords, by combining different focuses on the situation and moving towards solutions, will awareness be gained on the problem (relief in the womanís face)
Six of Pentacles is about combining all your resources to give and which will be returned in like (the giving old man).

The Sevens (challenges)
The Tower is about meeting the challenge of letting things go, and meeting disasters (the pointy tower )
The Chariot is about self control and choosing direction to meet the challenges and your goal (the 2 horses)
Seven of Wands is about meeting the challenges to your beliefs and values, standing firm (man on wall defending)
Seven of Cups is about allowing your self freedom to dream, but meet the challenge of action (hand in water)
Seven of Swords is about gathering information from others, but the challenge is to do it openly and without subterfuge (the quill and swords)
Seven of Pentacles is about meeting the challenge of self doubt and failure, by observing and evaluating, will the path to success be clearer (harvest of mistletoe).

The Eights ((re)-generation)
Strength is about generating the strength to tackle the higher and outer selves, combining them to achieve goals (the hand on the beast)
The Star is about regeneration of the spirit; using self insight I will be guided, cleansed and renewed (the pouring of the water).
Eight of Wands is about regenerating quickly, moving energetically to goals and places The throw of the spear).
Eight of Cups is about moving on, letting go, and generating the energy to seek anew. (the path to the Hermit)
Eight of Swords is about being bounded, blocked and lacking energy, regeneration of the values that bound will help to set free (blindfolded and bound).
Eight of Pentacles is about detail and planning, generating good results ( the heat of the fire)

The Nines (attaining)
The Hermit is about attaining the higher self, for hidden knowledge, requiring patience and caution and guidance (the lantern).
The Moon is about attaining clarity in unknown ground, where fears and insecurities ebb and flow, with confusion and despair (the howling dogs).
Nine of Wands is about experiences, defending your struggle while attaining wholeness and healing (the wounded man).
Nine of Cups is about attaining your true desires and goals and celebrating them (the satisfaction of the man).
Nine of Swords is about suffering and guilt, acknowledging the cause to attain peace and release (the grief in bed).
Nine of Pentacles is about ease and beauty, attaining for a state of calm will bring relaxation and well being (the serene lady).

The Tens (renewal)
The Wheel is about renewal, gaining experiences to adapt to change, and having the resources to tackle shifts in fortune (the wheel in the sand).
The Sun is about renewing those around you with your wisdom, success and wholeness and accepting your abilities and achievements (the boy on the horse in light).
Ten of Wands is about carrying my burdens and achieving my goals, being careful to renew my priorities the self so my burdens do not break me (the bent back).
Ten of Cups is about wholeness and completion, harmony and renewal of affirming joy in life (the family).
Ten of Swords is about letting go, accepting and sacrificing. Through acceptance is renewal possible The swords in back).
Ten of Pentacles is about family and prosperity. Renewal of traditions must be carefully considered as these are the prerequisites of endurance and permanence (the prosperous family).

Princess/Page (beginnings)
Princess of Wands is about daring to begin new self growth and development, unafraid and forthright (on step forward),
Princess of Cups is about being open to begin new love, dreams and relationships (the heart cup).
Princess of Sword is about seeking justice and truth, beginning to see through dark thoughts (the sword).
Princess of Pentacles is about beginning to seeking new knowledge, experience and skills, and taking risks to do so (The huge pentacle).

Knights/princes (action)
Knight of Wands is about taking action for new growth and directions, though the energy can be explosive (leaping over a hillock).
Knight of Cups is about taking action for following love, dreams and ideals though can be moody (standing by the water).
Knight of Sword is about taking action for new ideas and thoughts though can be impatient (the dagger looks).
Knight of Pentacles is about using knowledge and skill actively, though stubbornness can be a hinder (Half hiding).

Queens (nurturing)
Queen of Wands is about nurturing others and using her creative energy, whilst self-confident and passionate, though has a temper (the cat under the chair)
Queen of Cups is empathic and intuitive, nurturing and healing, she is creative and compassionate (the moon and cup).
Queen of Sword is about being critical, intelligent and professional, she nurtures fairness and justice (the sword and bonsai).
Queen of Pentacles is about nurturing trust and security, through love of body, food and land (the hare and tambourine).

Kings (mastery)
King of Wands is the master of him-self, self assured and confident, though can be arrogant (his pointed throne).
King of Cups is the master of emotions and relationships, giving good council and imaginative, though his control can be demanding (the dog and musical instrument).
King of Sword is the master of analysis and communication, though can be too quick and hard (thinking posteur and blue skies)
King of Pentacles is the master of responsibility and hard work, though can be slow to change (the bird and fire).

I have the list now in front of my journal and will change it as time and experiance dictates.
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