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Originally Posted by mjhurst
Fanti uses the inverted hanging motif to illustrate warnings to both the would-be traitors (low-lifes) and their potential victims (nobles).
But the painted image was of those among the noble families or otherwise in power that were considered to be traitors, well known and named identities, not anonymous lowlifes. For example Benadino di Corte who sold the city of Milan to the French on the 14th of September 1499 after Ludovico had left to raise an army. Ludovico had a shame painting made of Bernadino, of whom he said "Since the days of Judas Iscariot there has never been so black a traitor as Bernadino di Corte." It is also said the French themselves called the traitor Tarocchi card 'Bernadino di Corte'.*

(*"Narra il Porcacchi, che i Francesi stessi, giocando a'Tarocchi , nel dar la carta del traditore dicevano: "do Bernardino da Corte."

Saying after Plutarch "I love the treason but do not praise the traitor" Proditionem amo, sed proditorem non laudo).
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