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King and Queen of Swords

My comments....

She has haunted eyes, and the mark of sword deeply into her forehead. This a woman who has seen more than she wanted to see.. I think she has looked into the eyes of death. Her hair is white, the colour of winter, and of age, though of course as a Fey she still apears young. Her lips are blue, this is not a woman who kisses readily any more. The background is grey, and empty. the house of her mind and emotions is depopulated by time, by what....

His fist is clenched in determination and his back is stiff and muscles rigid, ready for a fight. But his eyes are sad and resigned. The cold wind of had truths blows around him. The sword is deeply embedded into his throne, and hence his power in inextricably linked to it. It is a part of his being. But he is not a midless fighter, he knows what he is responsible for protecting and holding. The leaves blowing by him are sere, and his chain mail has cuts and breaks. He has seen many battles, and while it has not hardened his soul, to say he could love easily would be very unlikely. I do not think he is cruel by nature.
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