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King and Queen of S

King- In his younger days he must have been a warrior, fighting for his people. Lunalafey said earlier that he was not a born king that he was married into one and I agree. I believe his got his kingship by being a powerful leader of his troops and either taking over the land or marrying a royal. The scars on his cheek are parallel and are like either fingernail scratches or some beast scratched him. It does not seem that they are from a foe's sword and he's too great a warrior to let a foe best him in that way.

He's past his days as being a warrior and now rules from his throne. The chain/plate like armor on his chest seems to provide ceremonial representation that he used to be a warrior since it would not protect him if he were attacked by sword. He sits upon his throne resolute, ready to defend his crown. He's the best at drawing up strategic moves to win battles. He always keeps a cool head when under pressure using his intelligence and wisdom combined which means he's a great catch to his queen but his eyes have seen so much pain and sadness. He's learn to emotionally distance himself when opposed.

Queen- She seems like the Eowyn type (from LoTR). She's definitely a royal with royal blood but she is fiesty and would love to fight along with the Knights and warriors. Her eyes tell you that she's been wounded before but they are also very dangerous. She's defensive if anything spoken to her does not sit well with her. She's extremely wise and intelligent, using common sense along with being educated by the best teachers. She is fair though and not bitter. She will weigh out each side and not let her emotions influence her decisions. She likes to walk amongst her people in the street and not sit in some huge palace while the action happens outside the walls. She does not fall in love easily but once she does then she's head over heels.
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