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I know this is an old thread but I've just ordered this deck. Primarily because of the symbolic simplicity of the pip cards. very pleased to find a study group about. Thank you!

While all the other posts about this card have expanded my thoughts, on looking at the image this is what I get:

Swords = mind/thoughts.
3 = creativity.

The swords are upright, this to me indicates a challenge, being ready to 'attack'. They stand between the two hearts, one upright with clear colour (positive) and the other reversed with darkened colour (negative).

Seems to me that this is a card about having to mentally come to terms with something that cuts you emotionally. A conflict between mind and feelings.
The upright swords indicate it's something that is *going to be dealt with*, whether by the enquirer or someone/something else.

As a 3 pip, I think it also indicates that the person is in a position, or at stage (mentally or emotionally), to tackle it.

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