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These pictures...

Queen of Swords---a comparable queen to me from a fairy tale

King of Swords--a knight and king story that reminds me of the strength of this sword king..

I noticed the steely hues and the splashes of color in the Sword King and Sword Queen that made me search the deck for similar attitudes or color tints or even absence of color...

For the Queen of Swords, if I were to pick similar attitudes or attendants within the Fey deck, I have two picks. The eyes and look of the Fey 7 of Swords figure and the stillness of Temperance seem similar. Also, the merging quality into both air and stone of the 7 of Swords, her watchfulness and transparency, she reminds me of the pallor of the Queen of Swords. Temperance's surrounding of air and water and steamy light has a translucent, reflective quality that might be a little softer, but still an aspect of the Queen of Swords.

For the King of Swords, there was an alert, but calm look that I see in the reflective paleness of La Luna and somewhat softer aspect of the Queen of Cups. The figures are in different attitudes and circumstances, but they had a paler coloring and more calm look than some of the other Fey cards.
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