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Originally Posted by thorhammer
****Edited to Add Progressive Rules****
****************************These Rules Include Shortened Forms of MariposAzl's***************************

Progressive Rules

1. Start date at the Equinox, which is apparently the 19th of March.

2. Only one deck should be used for readings (at all, including reading for others), study, journalling, idle flicking-through, mindless shuffling, etc.

3. The only time you pick up another deck is a new arrival from an order, and only for the purposes of checking quality and completeness. Then put it away and forget about it.

4. Reading material including companion books and non-card-specific texts (eg. 21 Ways to Read a Tarot Card) are allowed, unless a participant chooses to eliminate them for him/herself.

5. Handle your deck every day, even if you don't read with it or actually study any of the cards. Physical comfort with the cards is important to knowing a deck.

6. Journal with the deck at least once a week, if not more often. Use the threads for the group to help motivate you and encourage you to delve further into the symbolism and meaning of the cards.
These rules seem okay to me. But maybe the "official" ending of this exercise should be added also? Was it for three or six months i.e. until the autumnal equinox?

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