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I have to admit that this deck is pretty emotional for me in some ways. Thankfully, I've worked through most of my skeletons in the closet prior to now. The Bohemian Gothic is my life in a deck of cards. Especially my childhood and young adulthood. I'm sure I'm going to be having some pretty interesting and powerful reading experiences with it.

My favorite card is the Wheel of Fortune. And if I were to pick myself out of the deck, it would be the little girl in the Page of Pentacles. She looks soooo much like me when I was a little girl, including that I was always picking flowers and I've always loved lilacs, so if lilacs were in bloom, I was sure to be carrying some around.

I just got the deck today and I'm kind of stunned. Certainly fascinated with all I see in the cards and all the insights I have when I look at them. They're fantastic!
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