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I can agree to dating a few brutes myself, there is somthing deep and brooding that is the attraction there

. I was looking at the way he is frowning. I wonder if infact he isnt scarey at all but saying "damn, I wish i'd have bought my reactions glasses in the 2 for 1 sale at spec savers"
on the serious side of things:-)

He isnt someone you would want to be around in the longterm. yet, someone you wouldnt want to make an enemy of. his sole aim is himself and he lacks compassion or pity. I think has broken a few hearts and wouldnt give a thought about them. He'd simply move on and forget who stood there nursing him better making sure he was ok.
He sees compassion as a weakness, it is a life where he leaves a trail of destruction. brutally honest in his words, needs are unimportant, being attatched to a single person or thing is a weakness. The sword behind him is as cold as he is.
Sometimes hides in the shadows and bides his time, callously plotting and thinking of his next move as if life is but a game of chess. I imagine him playing cat and mouse with peoples emotions.
I see him calling for a war when one isnt needed. He will do things because he simply can, not because it is right to do so. friends aren't through love but, through fear alone.

does that sum him up?
perhaps its better as a reversal for the card and not upright.
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