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Originally Posted by thorhammer
I was thinking of a "really-official-type thread" a few days before the actual start. I don't want to start it too early, as this thread's helping us all thrash out the details nicely. That way everyone could do the AA-style, "Hi, my name is ___ and I commit to ___" . Yes, I could maintain a list at the top of that thread, easily.
Oh dear, are you serious ?
I know the AA style thing is a bit tongue in cheek, but it still makes it sound like having many decks and enjoying them is a bad thing, like drinking too much.
And the relationship between me and my deck is a personal thing, not something I need to commit to the rest of the world...I am just shifting my focus for a while, not changing my lifestyle

If you all want to do this then you should go ahead, of course.
It's just my own opinion.
I think a list of people and what deck they are using is a good idea, btw.

My idea is people give their name + deck for a member list and a note if they do something different from the general rules (like longer or shorter period, oracle instead of tarot deck, or whatever)
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