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Originally Posted by WolfSpirit
My idea is people give their name + deck for a member list and a note if they do something different from the general rules (like longer or shorter period, oracle instead of tarot deck, or whatever)
That's a good compromise. I see what you're saying about the AA-style thing - I didn't mean to link alcoholism with having too many decks, btw! - and I have to say I agree. The idea came from someone (the thread's too long to figure out who, and I've got too many PMs about this to go through!) and I would prefer to have it all condensed, or the thread will be unwieldy right out of the gate! And I don't want people to feel like they're being rehabilitated or anything!

I'll start the thread in a day or two - but first I'll get a list together of people taking part and the decks they're choosing. This discussion thread has become long and I'm pretty confused about who's in and who's out and who's sort-of-in and what decks are or aren't being used *big breath* so feel free to PM me if you want to clear anything up. Same goes if I make any mistakes with the new thread as I undoubtedly will!

*sigh* I have to go do some readings . . .

\m/ Kat
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