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Originally Posted by sapienza
<snip>Hi Cronesayer, I love this idea. I think I'd drive myself mad trying to make a decision and this sounds like a fabulous idea. If I make a selection of the decks I really love and then let the universe decide the rest.

I've realised that my biggest problem as far as what keeps me from spending quality time with tarot is actually my internet ADDICTION Between this forum and ebay I spend all my time thinking about decks, doing reasearch, chatting about tarot, shopping for decks......all of which are great things (well, maybe not the shopping bit), but I realise I spend very little time actually working WITH my decks.

I'm away for a week from tomorrow with no internet access. I am even going to go away with NO tarot decks and NO tarot books. (I start to shake and feel ill even as I type that.....maybe I should change my mind ). I think it will be a good opportunity for me to reevaluate what I want from tarot and hopefully I'll come back with a fresh perspective and be ready to commit to something.<snip>
Hi sapienza! Thank you for sharing your story, it really helped me to hear it. I'm certainly no stranger to the effects of addiction and doing what it takes to beat it, so I'm right there with you.

However, I expect to notice really quickly that I have more time to read with my one deck, in spite of internet access, because I'm severely curtailing involvement around anything to do with acquiring more decks. I'm avoiding even knowing about new decks (or "collectible" decks) right now.

Hopefully, I'll get to the point in IDS where new deck talk won't matter, one way or the other, just like I don't mind not smoking when other people do. I remember it was tough at first, but after a couple of years (years!), it didn't matter any more, because smoking simply wasn't something I wanted to do. I even went through a phase where I couldn't be around it, couldn't stand the smell, etc., but that abated, too. Now I just tell my sister to roll down the window and blow her smoke out, and I keep on trucking down the road! It's DH who complains when he gets in my car, "Your sister has been smoking in here!" Well, she's my sister, and she's not (all that) heavy!

Sign me,
Trying to Get Out Of My Own Way!


PS: Hey, everybody, please don't be offended by me comparing acquiring new decks to smoking cigarettes! That's just how it feels to me and has nothing to do with how anyone else feels or functions. I don't judge people who smoke, and I sure as heck don't judge people who buy, sell and trade Tarot decks. I can only judge what's working or not working for me, and I really, really appreciate all the support I get here at AT and in this thread! For awhile, I was considering quitting AT in order to quell my dysfunctional behavior, but I decided that would be crazy, because this forum comprises the best friends and support I could ask for during this tough time! You guys are great, and I can't thank you enough!!!
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