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Originally Posted by cronesayer
Hi sapienza! Thank you for sharing your story, it really helped me to hear it. I'm certainly no stranger to the effects of addiction and doing what it takes to beat it, so I'm right there with you.
Thanks, I appreciate that.

Originally Posted by cronesayer
I can only judge what's working or not working for me, and I really, really appreciate all the support I get here at AT and in this thread! For awhile, I was considering quitting AT in order to quell my dysfunctional behavior, but I decided that would be crazy, because this forum comprises the best friends and support I could ask for during this tough time! You guys are great, and I can't thank you enough!!![/i][/color]
I'm really pleased that you shared this with me too I've been really thinking lately of just forbidding myself to come to this forum because I end up obsessing about new decks. Your comments have helped me to see that perhaps I just need to change my behaviour while I'm here. I've decided when I go away this week I'm taking ONE deck only and will see how I go with a week with just one deck and no internet access.
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