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Touchstone Tarot by Kat Black

I'm starting a new thread here now that my new deck is nearing publication.

You can see some of the cards at

For those interested in it's evolution, you can see the discussion during this dekc's journey at the old thread:

A small group of people have been given access to view the whole deck, but due to piracy, only a few cards will be shown publicly before it's release. Hopefully some of that select group will be willing to tell you what they think and if it's worth you pre-ordering a copy.

There will be a small, limited and numbered edition of 500 Collector decks - probably around mid 2008, or perhaps sooner depending on production issues. Preorders will be taken soon for those.

Then, there will be a mass market release in 2009. Details of that to be announced shortly, but it will be with a book publisher not a specialty Tarot publisher.

Digital (eg games, mobile) usage is also being sought, as the deck was primarily designed to look good on a screen - although it should look fine and dandy printed as well.

A wonderful benefactor who wishes to remain anonymous was instrumental in getting this project happening. More info about that on the old thread - it's been a total fairytale, and is now very near to becoming a reality

(Need it now? Buy the Touchstone Tarot on
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