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For some reason, this reminds me of my boy cousins I grew up very closely with. Whenever our families would have a big get-together, us kids were pretty much just left to our own devices as long as we didn't show up around where the adults were and that meant we could stay up really late. For me, that was a wonderful bit of freedom because my home life wasn't very good. Mostly miserable, in fact. In this card, I'm reminded of one cousin in particular who was such a clown and would take chances, making me both scared to death for him and laughing at him, too. We always lived in big old haunted looking houses because everyone was very poor and these houses could be gotten for almost no rent back in those days. They had Victorian "fancies" around the roofs that my cousin could have acted the Fool on if he'd chosen to like in this card. I don't know why he sprang to my mind with this card since he never did anything on the roof like this.

But certainly a little boy who is nimble of foot but naive about danger is depicted in this card.
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