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Star* . . . hi, honey . So good to see you here. I'm almost jealous of you with your Thoth (still waiting for my *borrowed* one to arrive, almost given up), as I'd love to get into that deck. It will happen one day. Now, it sounds like you've got lots of reading material, but I also possess Snuffin's Thoth Companion which I'd gladly lend to you if you want it. So let me know if you decide you want another reference point.

Gods, I wish I didn't have to work. I would love to sit here all day and journal with my Wheel of Change, but it's just not happening. You know, I think that the structures of my life (what I associate strongly with the Emperor), unpleasant though they are, are what keep me interested for long periods of time in one thing. So "work" in this case, might be an important factor in driving me along this path with the one deck. As in, I'll be at work, lusting after my deck and therefore spend more time with it in my spare time. Anyway, rambling again . . .

I love pretty journals, but I start them and then don't use them properly. So I've gone utilitarian. I have two large lever-arch files, and lots of loose-leaf A4 paper. One file is for Deck Studies, the other for Readings (which I write out longhand, almost every one now). The Readings one is much more full than the Deck Studies one, but that will even out now that I'll be working with this deck every day. I have lots of thoughts to put down about the cards already, but they're still forming and I must try to pin the suckers down and make some sense of them. There's no study group for this deck so I'll have to do it all on my lonesome!

Should we have an dedicated IDS daily draws thread? Or is everyone happy enough to work with their decks separately, and use the existing threads where they want to post their draws?

\m/ Kat
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