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Originally Posted by 6 Haunted Days
Yes, Karen mentioned it's new cardstock, though I also believe she said the BBC Gold was printed on this same cardstock. Not sure that's right though, either way I have the BBC Gold...and the BG's cardstock feels weighter, thicker and more substantial to me than the BBC Gold.

I personally love this new cardstock!! It's weighter in your hand, and I love how it shuffles.....if you take the VR and BG and compare....there's quite a isn't slight.
Yes, it's a new cardstock - and yes, it's the same as on the BBCats Gold. Funny that it feels different - that could, I suppose, be psychological, or it could be some weird side-effect of the card stock being stored for half a year waiting for the BG to be printed - perhaps it's like wine, it improves with ageing . This stock is, in theory, the same weight (I will check that, but if there is a difference it's very slight) as all our other decks - but the "same" stock from a different supplier/maker does come out very distinct.
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