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Three of Swords - "Oops. Uh, really, I just came here. I have no idea how those doves died and turned to stone..."

Seven of Pentacles - A few years later... "I swear, they all died a completely natural death. My cooking had nothing to do with it."

The Empress - Her face seems to melt; and that bright red lipstick on the child looks just wrong.

Ten of Cups - I love this card. This is the perfect example of a creepy dysfunctional family with a ton of ugly secrets going on while everybody tries to keep up the facade. I'm sure that Sigmund Freud later encountered these kids...

Nine of Wands, Four of Pentacles, Nine of Pentacles, Page of Cups - They're all mad in their own way. The Nine of Wands is about to snap and kill either himself or someone else (war trauma?), Four of Pentacles probably also poisoned some husbands (or fiancÚs, since I'm not sure she actually ever got married), Nine of Pentacles is about to slay that bird, too, and then eat it raw (a sister of Three of Swords?), and Page of Cups is on her way to drown herself in a nearby lake or river. Her tiny little beaded purse will be found a long time before the rest of her.

The Emperor - Hello? Garlands of skulls? Other than that, sharpchick put it perfectly already.

Justice - The Malleus Maleficarum, of course. But first I noticed his differently colored eyes. That guy has some really sick fantasies about those "witches" he keeps obsessing about...

Knight of Swords - Justice's younger brother. They have much in common and run a business together.

Five of Wands - "Oh shit. I'm pretty sure my morning-star won't be of much use with those guys..."

The Hermit - He's not exactly creepy on second sight but I still put him here because he looks so very sad (not much liking his solitude, it seems).
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