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[...]the eyes of ancient ships marked the presence of a supernatural consciousness that guided the ship and helped to avoid hazards. Studies of eye representations on Archaic and Classical Greek domestic articles and parallels in architectural decoration suggest that ship eyes may have also worked as apotropaions to counter forces such as envy. As early as the 5th century BC Greek and Latin authors attest to a fear and understanding of envy's destructive power, which was believed to attack through the actions of both gods and mortals. Theories related to the use of eyes as apotropaions that could counter envy are presented based on analysis of material from the Archaic and Classical Periods. Links are made between Hellenistic and Roman mariners and their fear of this force, which was expressed in their use of devices that functioned to protect them from its ill effects. It is possible that ship eyes in ancient Greece served as both epiphanies and apotropaions used to counter envy.

More about the evil eye:

This is still widely believed, eye charms (usually a little glass bead with the drawing of an eye on it) are very common and so is the practice of removing the effect. It's something like an energy clearing or healing of sorts.
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