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Faery Seekers Circle ~ April 2008 ~ Sign up thread

Hello Faery Seekers,

And another month has raced by, and here is the sign up thread for April. Hopefully not 'the cruelest month' this year.... it has been a long winter.


1. This Circle is for users the Brian Froud's "The Faeries' Oracle", not other decks.
2. Readings and feedback are to be complete by the end of the calendar month of April, so please ensure that your reading is up a few days before this to give your partner(s) time to consider and respond.
3. If you have time issues, please contact me and your partner or group right away. Letting everyone know if you suddenly have time constraints allows me to make some alternate arrangements or just ease concerns.

Even though the snowbanks still tower over me, I feel a surge of spring-like hope in my heart, so decided to go for a sunnier reading spread. But, the faeries will do as they will, I certainly can't constrain them, so we'll all see what's what soon enough.

A spread for April!!!

How will spring manifest for me?
What lessons will I learn from this?
What will bring me joy?
Advice or helpful information.

Please sign up and enjoy!

I'll assign partners or groups of readers at the start of April.

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