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IDS Worksheet ideas:

Like many of you, I’ve found I have had trouble doing a journal entry each day, so after looking through my tarot notes on my computer, I came up with the idea of having a worksheet form that I can fill in. For me it has several advantages: 1. I have a pre-existing form to fill in, 2. I know I’m answering the same questions/making the same points for each card, 3. it gives me something to write about when I have a mind-blank.
Anyway, as I was drawing mine up on my computer, I thought that this might be helpful to others doing the IDS. So here are the points I have used as my questions/prompts. They come from a variety of sources including Mary Greer’s “21 Ways to read a Tarot Card”, Corrine Kenner’s “Tarot Journaling”, and the Tarot Journeyman page cited earlier. (And probably a few others I’ve forgotten since. If that’s you, I’m sorry! ) So a few ideas for a journal form:
  • Initial Impressions:
  • Card description, symbols and objects:
  • Symbols on this card suggest:
  • Emotions, feelings, and attitudes of the figures, and the mood and atmosphere of the environment:
  • The number or rank is about:
  • The suit/element/mode is about:
  • Synthesising number + suit + element + mode yields:
  • Mental – How this card might relate to your thoughts and concepts:
  • "Spirit" – How this card might relate to your drive, enthusiasm, will power:
  • Emotional – How this card might relate to your emotions and feelings:
  • Physical – How this card might relate to your material/financial well being, or to your health:
  • Soul – How this card might relate to your soul and its journey or to your spiritual quest:
  • Business – How this card might relate to your work or career:
  • Relationship – How this card might relate to your relationship(s):
  • Beneficial – The most beneficial aspect of this card:
  • Problematic – The most problematic aspect of this card:
  • This card reminds me of the following:
  • Metaphors in this image include:
  • “Once upon a time…”
  • Dialoguing with the figure/objects on this card, I learn:
  • Imagining myself in this card, I learn:
  • Myths and archetypes related to this card include:
  • These suggest:
  • Embodying this card I learn:
  • Sketching this card I learn:
  • Other thoughts I have about this card:

Oh and I also have to put my hand up to slipping. I was sitting watch TV the other day and picked up my gilded tarot, which I must have overlooked when putting the cards away, and without even thinking about what I was doing I flipped through the cards. I realised what I’d done as I got to the last cards. I immediately put it away with my other cards, and picked up my Tarot of Dreams and shuffled and examined it. But I can’t believe how easily I slipped, and less than a week in! I now carry my TOD with me wherever I go in the house, so if I feel the need to look at the cards my IDS deck is the one on hand.
I have made it a lovely dark purple bag, with grey satin lining and silver tassels, which is more durable for carrying around than the organza bag it came with. And I used Umbrae’s method for “preparing” a deck. I was terrified, but am now so happy. It is a terribly frightening thing to do to a $100+ deck, but really is worth it. The cards were rather stiff and hard to shuffle, where they are now lovely and soft, easy to shuffle and have a beautiful slightly battered look. Some got bent during the process, but most are just lovely and soft, and the slight creasing just adds a well worn air to them.
Well that just about sums up my first week of the IDS. I feel good so far. I hope that continues.

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