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Margarete Petersen Study Group: Nine of Cups - a poetic take

Today I drew the Nine of cups and found it soo beautiful I wanted to share it with all of you.

The Nine of Cups in the Margarete Petersen deck shows a shell floating on a seascape at sunset, holding a single pearl.

Her text (which I translate from German) says:
Fulfillment and happines. A tiny grain of sand is washed into a mussel. Hard, sharp and angular, it lies in soft flesh, and brings ongoing pain. The mussel surrounds the grain of sand with lining from its mother of pearl, and makes of it a round, shimmering pearl.

This process is initiated through pain, a deep accepted pain transforms you, brings insight, wisdom, and happiness.
A gift from the depths of the ocean.
...perhaps this should go in readings, or decks... but I so much want to share this little pearl with all of you.

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