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I am getting very close to finishing the deck - working on final versions (the whole deck is done, but a number of cards need tweaks).

Just update with some of the completed cards, one major arcana and one from each suit - so you can see how I have used portraiture throughout the deck, not just in Courts.

I have also linked to a bunch of movies that I've found really inspiring while working on the deck (eg Elizabeth, Girl With A Pearl Earring etc). I figured that others might also share an interest in those if they like the Baroque era images.

Once the deck is finished, I will start work on the Companion Book. This will include basic card meanings, but also a bit of background about some of the characters in the cards where relevant. Hence the tagline '78 friends you hold in your hand' - these aren't designs with esoteric symbolism and hidden secrets, they are real people who want to offer advice and support. Every face has been chosen because I felt they were someone I could know, relate to, understand, talk to. I know that's not what a lot of tarot traditionalists will want, but hopefully it will work for some people
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