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Originally posted by lunalafey
judgement-body...perhaps you will be feeling a bit fatigued?
mind-well, some sort of new endevor/study...which takes us to the knave....might you be getting a new meta-physical book?

Pretty accurate Lunalefey!!

I actually got 2 books...One was about something I knew i needed to do..and for whatever reason teh book gives me more dicipline!!! LOL The Artists Way by Julia Cameron

The other book..Is Food for Combining Health
I have decided to do proteins and starches in the same meal..there is a bit more to it!! but I am going to do this for 2 weeks NO DEVIATIONS...(got the book at for 3.89) Feel free to PM me if you want more info about it if youa re itnerested.

Both of these books..are just mainly kick in the butts to get me to do what I need to be doing anyway!! So it is a bit of a transformation and I am on my way.
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