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Okay, clearly I managed to muddy the waters. .... sorry....

1. Each group has a thread now, just click on the name of your group in Post 2 and it is linked to your group's thread.

2. The 'round robin' reading method allows some flexibility for problems (i.e. sudden drop-outs of latecomers). The readings are not inter-dependent and can be done in any order. That is, the first person doesn't have to go first etc.

3. It is a good idea to post a little something to your thread. In this way you get an email notice whenever anything new is added. the actual readings came come later.

4. It is good to say if you want the reading focused on some life area or just want a general reading. It can make it more useful for you.

Anything else causing confusion, please, please just post whatever it is.

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