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Originally Posted by HearthCricket
These all look like they ought to be framed in beautiful ornate and heavy gilt, so knowing they will have gilt edgings really is exciting.
Funnily enough, I originally used a gilt-frame border (as per Golden, although USGS muted it to a mustard colour), but then given the intimacy of the deck, I ended up being much happier with the more subtle plain, dark wooden frame. I think the gilt title-plate and the foil-gilded edging will be just the right amount of understated opulence.

One thing it sure won't have is foil accents (embossed gold bits on the cards) - I always think those look like trashy greeting cards. I was married to a Master Gilder for 10 yrs, so I'm probably a bit fussy about these things

Thanks muchly for those other movie tips - will try to get hold of them to watch while I work on the Companion Book over the winter
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