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Hello Sulis, Rede Seeker, Miss 6, and everyone else, Roxi here, thank you for your invitation to join the forum. Not sure what you might like to know about the Pearls of Wisdom Tarot deck, I don't want to interfere with your own interpretations, revelations, and such, as I have learned much from you.But I am willing to share some of the process I went through in the deck's creation.

In painting this deck, my goal was to offer Tarot readers a visual vocabulary to use in their readings, and actually "read the card". I have very much enjoyed that many of you see all the details and "get" the meanings. I also have appreciated the positive reviews written.. What a wonderful reception you have given both me and Caeli. Thank you.

Many of you have commented on some card defects, I wanted to pass on that 7th house has hired someone to go through all of the decks to ensure that any decks ordered from now on, are of the best quality. They have temporarily stopped shipment of decks until they have filtered through all of the decks, (a big job). 7th House has had a committment to quality and even went through several proofs with the printers to get the best printing, colour and size they could, it is unfortunate that there have been problems. Just think of it this way, coin collections are always worth more when the coins have defects right? The first decks will be great collector's items...

As soon as I know any more I will let you know. Thanks for your feedback to 7th House on this problem.

I will make some comments on the cards as they come up.
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