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Hi Roxi!!!

{{{Roxi}}} A very warm hug of welcome, so very happy to see you've joined AT!

You can guess that I love your deck in every way, and you're right, it's a deck you "read". I have about 200 decks, with most decks I like a book with it, just for some "help" on on the imagery/symbols. With your deck it started speaking to me straight out of the box! I've never had a deck 'speak' to me in such a clear, deeply-layered and very spiritual way. It amazed me and still does! I love the booklet that comes with it, but with the PoW, I just read the books at all needed. It's a grand liberating feeling of limitless horizons.

This deck will be a life-long favourite, the past couple months the Bohemian Gothic release has distracted me from the PoW, but just today I got the deck out and it sang to me with clarity and wisdom right off again. Wow have I missed it! It's definately 'my' reading deck.

And today i finally found my magnifying glass and looked at the cards through! They look completely awesome and they're moving. You guys who love the deck must get a magnifier and do this, you'll love it!!

It adds a whole other dimension to an already beloved deck, how happy am I?

I very much look forward to your posts and wisdom Roxi, welcome aboard!

Miss 6 (real name is Share )
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