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Hmmm, well from just this much I'm jus going to have to take a rough guess at this....

I would say first that you tend to take an extremely fatalistic approach to life.

You feel yourself coming from two entirely separate identities, or sources, or your overall personality. One side is connected deeply with family, and family obligations (where the M touches the life line). The other side is completely independant from this family source, and perhaps from it's moral codes and teachings of right and wrong while growing up.

Also, you've come into this life to devote a good deal of your personal focus into channeling sources from the unconscious (the lunar mount stem you mention). This would sometimes result in a "natural psychic" type line that travels low and across the lunar mount, in my experience.

Despite the seeming disparity of these sometimes radically diffrent life views, you have the ability to meld them together in a more "seamless" manner. (This is what the connecting points of the M might suggest).

I don't know if any of that is applicable, and it's just going off some basic technique info in trying to analyze your despcription and drawing (which helped a lot~!)

cheers ~z~
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