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This is a really interesting card. The first thing I thought when I saw it was that it linked well to the Buddhist idea of detachment. "You are the source of your own satisfaction--don't look to others to provide that for you." So perhaps the card is a reminder not to become too attached to people or things, or to rely on them too heavily for satisfaction. Happiness must come from within rather than because we have something or someone. It is great to get emotional satistaction from things, but perhaps this King reminds us not become dependent on them.

After looking at it more I started to think it reminded me of the astrological sign of Pisces....without boundaries, being completely at one with your emotions and your unconscious. The whale is completely surrounded by water, perhaps representing our unconscious. Our unconscious could be the source of our spiritual growth, which is similar to Leisa's idea about our dreams. I'm just thinking that maybe another message of this card is therefore to look within for answers rather than searching outside our self.
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